Immediate Measures

Immediate Measures

Growth begins at varying levels, whether optimisation of business processes or recapitalisation; one simply has different points of departure.
We at GGBD regard recapitalisation as a valuable opportunity for enormous growth. Investors have also noticed this a long time ago. Accordingly, recapitalisation receives much positive and diligent attention - especially from our team.

Once a venture has gone awry, immediate measures to secure business continuation in the short term take priority over a successful recapitalisation.
It is of particular importance to sign a moratorium at short notice with creditors as long there is no immediate need to file for bankruptcy due to excessive debts and insolvency.
Our prestige, as well as our professional neutrality as an experienced recapitalisation consultancy, increase the likelihood of quickly reaching an agreement with banks, suppliers and other creditors.
Together with our funding specialists, we evaluate in advance and depending on the situation, possible takeover applicants for the entire organisation or for specific business units.  We draw on our mature network of close and personal relationships to banks, venture capital and private equity lenders for this.

Before we create a turnaround concept, we identify the internal and external key players so that we may introduce the turnaround efficiently and without delay.
The thus formed ‘task force’ is often made up of the head of the company, and/or the Board of Directors, recapitalisation consultants, senior management, as well as representatives of suppliers and banks involved.

Once the measures have been carried out, we concentrate in detail on analysing the situation and the organisation and develop within our turnaround concept further lasting measures to bring about a recovery for the organisation in the short and long term.

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