Interim Management

Interim Management

At our risk

To maximise the probability of a successful implementation, we preferentially deploy our Interim Managers and thus take absolute responsibility for our actions in the companies of our clients.

For time-sensitive or deadline executive tasks, Interim Managers can independently and flexibly assist and lead an organisation at any time during development, or also in crisis management.
Especially in times of economic uncertainty, it makes sense to bring Interim Managers as experienced specialists or generalists with many years of hands-on experience, superior professional knowledge and an excellent reputation for challenging situations into the organisation.

Our Interim Managers are in demand, not only as ‚fire fighters’ in crisis situations. They are actually more frequently engaged in projects, such as:


  1. Expansions
  2. Process optimisations
  3. Change management
  4. Unexpected growth spurts
  5. Controlling or restructuring newly acquired or founded business units
  6. Change of ownership
  7. Omitted succession planning
  8. Economic development programs

We at GGBD take over management and executive tasks with extensive authorities and clearly defined objectives on an interim basis in our client’s organisations. By virtue of the implicit freedom of action and decision-making powers, we carry the bulk of the responsibility and are therefore in a position to implement planned strategies as well as a project charter in an efficient, consistent and timely manner.

Our in-house talent pool of top Interim Managers displays a comprehensive selection of leadership styles, from hardliners to handle those difficult jobs, via recognised experts for specific fields, to highly socially skilled allround managers.

Overview of your benefits:

Cost reduction at management level

  1. No ancillary personnel expenses
  2. No redundancy payments
  3. No retirement benefits
  4. Time limited and precisely planned remuneration
  5. Short term notice


  1. Evaluation method and analysis are absolutely objective and impartial
  2. No career expectations from your company
  3. No ties to internal fractions
  4. Apolitical style for an uncompromising and goal-oriented workstyle


Interim Manager requirements

  1. Significant long-term professional and leadership experience  
  2. Excellent professional knowledge
  3. Outstanding reputation
  4. Proven track record
  5. Highly resilient
  6. Extremely easy to integrate through flexibility and open mindedness
  7. Highest levels of integrity through a tidy private and professional environment

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