Turnaround Concept

Our experience has shown that, even when an organisation is in a critical situation, almost without exception undiscovered scope for action exists to overcome crises. The brisk identification of problems, loss making units, and other weak areas that led to the negative situation, forms the basis for utilising this scope.

As a rule, we action this in cooperation with the selected ‘task force’ within a few hours or days, and consequently analyse in detail the entire organisation and the respective business units concerned.  

Based on the results of this analysis, our specialists create the actual turnaround concept, which results holistically and individually in an immediately noticeable, yet lasting, strategy.

To maximise the probability of a successful restructuring, we assume at best through the preferential engagement of one or more Interim Managers, absolute responsibility for our actions in our clients’ business.

Our turnaround concept essentially encompasses the following points:


  1. Ad hoc identification of critical weak points
  2. In-depth analysis of all business units, inc. structure, communication flow and personnel
  3. Comprehensive analysis of the sales and distribution market as well as its prospective development
  4. Identification of potentials and success factors
  5. Development of an immediately noticeable and lasting concept, taking into consideration

       -the sales market,
       -product and services portfolios
       -the sales & marketing departments
       -organisational controllings
       -and the interests of all creditors and investors.

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