A steadily growing number of organisations worldwide have their business projects financed externally these days.

You would thus find yourself in very good company should you, for strategic reasons, decide to participate in externally financed growth, or if economic circumstances left you little choice.

Regardless of whether we ourselves invest directly into your business venture, or draw on our mature network of banks, venture capital and private equity lenders, we assist our clients throughout the entire process, in  

Recapitalisations    as well as    Expansion and Acquisition Financing


In particular cases where an organisation in the course of expansion bought companies, acquired industrial plants, or wanted to take part in international economic developments and subsidised programs, GGBD has in the past been able to prove itself a trustworthy and agile partner.

Commencing with a definition of the optimal financing structure, through to selection of a suitable investor, right up to contract settlement according to your objectives.
Quick action in the event of a recapitalisation, or the highest level of tactical skill during expansions and acquisitions is as natural to our funding specialists as the accurate preparation of your documents for potential lenders.

To prepare your organisation optimally for the financing process of your project, we assist you in the following tasks:


  1. Business plan
  2. Analysis of capital requirements, inc. time line of actual resource allocation    
  3. Investment case / equity story
  4. Executive summary
  5. Inviting investors
  6. Investor presentation
  7. Completion of potential Due Dilligence
  8. Drafting up of contract and settlement

Would you like to find our more about our financial services, or specifically what we can do for your organisation? -Please contact us – your enquiry will be handled with the highest level of discretion.