Market & Products

Market & Products

The products of an organisation, the market, distribution and marketing interact with each other without compromise and have to for this reason, be optimally attuned to one another.
  1. How is the market set up and how will it develop?
  2. Do the products and accompanying services suit the market?
  3. Are our products future-proof?
  4. Do our sales and distribution strategies prove themselves aligned to an objective?
  5. Do our marketing campaigns have minimal wastage and can their success be measured at all realistically in any way?
  6. Do we utilise by-products or intellectual property at all and in a profitable way?

Many heads of departments, executives and directors have asked themselves, or been asked, these and similar questions.
Nevertheless, experience has shown that in this area, a significant amount of optimisation potential remains untapped.

Derived from the process analysis, our experienced specialists develop a concept for an effective increase in efficiency through the possibly necessary alignment of the product and services portfolio, as well as sales and marketing activities to the current market conditions and future market developments.   

Our concept includes the following components:

  1. Compilation of a profitable product portfolio
  2. Development of a harmonising sales and marketing strategy
  3. Adjustment of sales and distribution systems
  4. Definition und alignment of sales channels
  5. Development of a strategy for profitable utilisation of waste and by-products
  6. Development of a strategy for profitable utilisation of intellectual property