Site Evaluation

Site Evaluation

For a complete and lasting appraisal of a site, we rely on our proven method, a mix of sound statistical evaluation methods and the additional engagement of the most up-to-date geographical information systems (GIS).

This is because standard statistical methods of location analysis rely on an assumption of a spatially uniform distribution of socio-economic phenomena. Our experience and actually all observations of reality contradict this as a multiplicity of location criteria exhibit explicit or implicit spatially determined aspects. Spatially determined aspects in location criteria are usually not taken into consideration in conventional methods and thus excluded in the decision making process.

An outstanding characteristic of our GIS evaluations is the visualization capability of even complex data and analysis results, in particular in the form of high resolution digital maps, which facilitate intuitive access for our clients in understanding and interpreting the data and results of analysis.

Overall, we enable our clients, despite complex analyses, complex spatial aspects and at times vast amounts of data, to understand and participate in the evaluation of a site, and ultimately decide on their optimal site.

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