Location analysis

Location analysis

Our structural location analysis ensures that our clients only introduce highly suitable locations into the evaluation process.

This thorough and in-depth analysis is based at GGBD on the development of a location criteria catalogue in cooperation with the project team of our clients. The criteria are derived from the relevant expansion objectives and individually weighted in order to enable a selection of suitable candidates.  

Using a time and cost efficient mix of secondary and primary research, we carry out a detailed effective value analysis of the potential locations where we, depending on the relevant economic sector, observe the following location criteria closely:

  1. Fixed factors
  1. Infrastructure
  2. Proximity, size and access to the production factor and procurement market  
  3. Proximity, size and access to the sales market
  4. Intensity of competition
  5. Personnel policy parameters
  6. Tax policy
  7. Legal situation
  8. Government assistance programs
  9. Clustering
  10. Prestige
  11. Environmental protection levies
  12. Climate

Flexible factors

  1. Proximity to education, research and development facilities
  2. Bureaucracy
  3. Political situation
  4. Economic climate
  5. Location image
  6. Medical facilities
  7. Potential residential living
  8. Leisure facilities

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