Project survey

Project survey

Based on our experience and professional expertise, at GGBD a project survey is carried out using two intertwined elements: the feasibility study and the risk analysis.  

This is because not only are the range of activities, resource needs, and requisite execution time important, but all risks threatening the project should likewise flow into the consideration from the beginning.  
Using this results-orientated strategy, our project survey can also serve as a basis for dynamic risk management throughout the entire project.

The feasibility analysis of expansion projects represents an undisputed added value and avoids unprofitable investments, as well as image damage, should a project fail.  
Ultimately successful companies only decide to examine project feasibility when risks cannot be estimated clearly, or the achievability of the project is put into question through internal doubts from the start.

Not least through the combination of many years of experience, risk management specialists, as well as a structured and impartial procedure, we develop the surveys objectively and exceedingly efficiently into added value for our clients.

Our project surveys predominantly encompass the following services:

Feasibility evaluation
  1. Organisational implementation
  2. Economic feasibility
  3. Technical feasibility
  4. Availability of resources

Risk analysis
  1. Risk identification
  2. Risk evaluation
  3. Analytic risk management (preventative)
  4. Dynamic risk management (corrective)
  5. Appraisal of calculable venture costs

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