Like most organisations, we, too, aim to create lasting value in line with our corporate vision, for the benefit of our shareholders, staff, partners and clients. We probably just execute this in a slightly more intensive, sophisticated and disciplined way than others.

Beyond that, these objectives are part of our daily motivation:

  1. We are ranked as a worldwide leading organisation in our core competencies – either independently, or with the support of a continuously expanding network among highly dependable, blue chip partners.

  1. Based on our excellent reputation, as well as our systematic orientation towards growing markets and sectors, GGBD will achieve organic growth of at least 25% over the next five years.


  1. GGBD continues to prove itself as a flexible and action oriented partner in the area of economic development of emerging and developing countries. This growth requires the founding of an independent business identity.


  1. We are constantly expanding our team of highly qualified Interim Managers and secure these exceptional leaders to GGBD and our clients by means of our exceptionally pleasant work atmosphere, uncompromising back-up, as well as highly valued advanced professional training courses.


  1. We intensively promote promising innovations by inventors and ensure their application in industry. In this way, we improve communication between invention and enterprise, as well as a no barriers, solution-oriented handling of current and future challenges and problems facing the industry.


  1. We successfully close the existing gap between supply and demand for high quality, partially turn-key ready industrial plants, set new standards in the expansion industry, and are regarded as THE point of contact for blue chip industrial plants at short notice.