Below you will find an overview of a selection of our clients.
Many organisations understandably would prefer if we do not elaborate on their recapitalisations or – in the context of a process optimisation – their improved organisational weaknesses. Beyond that, there are other individual company policy based justifications as to why we unfortunately here, in the interest of our clients, cannot grant insight into the details of our completed activities.

However, in agreement with the respective clients, we would be pleased to discuss the details with you in a confidential discussion. Simply contact us.


Boeing Lionsgate
British Airways Lockheed Martin


 Divinas Protection AG


Lufthansa Lufthansa
Energy Focus Inc. National Olympic Committee Canada
Fitness First Procter & Gamble
Ford Motor Company Reuschel & Co
Froximun AG
Glaxo Smith Kline Shenzhen Stock Exchange
General Motors Standard Life
Honda Motors TerraElast AG
IMA Unilever
LBM Universal Music