Together with our reliable networks and our high performance blue chip partners, we can meet the high demands of our clients in every way.
In addition, together with our new and long term partnerships, we pursue the aim to not only secure our rating but to increase steadily and significantly, and to grow lastingly.


The company SPG Steiner-Prematechnik-Gastec GmbH, with subsidiaries and production plants in Germany, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, China and Russia, is known as the eminent authority in the industry.
Apart from the production of oil and gas processing plants, flare and pipeline systems, tanks and pressure vessels, the SPG has specialised in assistance engineering services, such as relocation, assembly, commissioning and appraisal preparation.  
The SPG combines more than a century of valuable experience, global positioning, as well as German accuracy and engineering skill and thus established itself as a strong partner in the gas and oil exploitation sector.




The company PEMEX, steeped in tradition with its headquarters in Mexico City, has at its disposal over 70 year of experience and is next to PDVSA the largest organisation in the industry in South America.
Together with this extraordinarily efficient specialist, we supply the entire South and North American continent with high quality products and services around the extraction, storage, transport, refinement and enrichment of naturally occurring oil and gas reserves.
The superior quality of professional knowledge and products, competitive cost efficiency, as well as unbureaucratic agility distinguish PEMEX as partner.

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