Also at the pinnacle of a successful team - the management of GGBD - we value optimal efficiency and a short communication chain. This is facilitated by extremely flat hierarchies on the one hand and on the other, the fact that the majority of GGBD’s workforce consists of experienced managers with proven leadership skills who by nature, contribute goal-oriented conduct.  

All told, our team has hundreds of years of distinct experiences from all areas in our core competencies - individually formed to be the potential problem solver and success factor for our clients.


Below, we would like to briefly introduce you to the initiators, executives and contacts among our workforce ‘Peak Teams’:



Bruce Alexander
Chief Executive Officer, President

Mr Bruce Alexander, prior to taking up his executive function at GGBD, provided independent legal counsel in commercial law for many years to large industrial corporations. 

He became Vice President and Director of the Boston Consulting Group after further study, and was very successful in management at Reuschel & Co, Lionsgate, Unilever, General Motors, Glaxo Smith Kline, Universal Music and Ford Motor Company. As a founding member and CEO of Zealous Solutions Holdings Incorporated, a holding company for several successful investment, advertising and consulting firms, Mr Alexander had proven his exceptional skills already ten years prior to its fusion to GGBD Consulting Group Incorporated.

Mr Alexander received a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Western Ontario and his MBA from Queen's University, Kingston.
Prior to these, he studied Canadian Constitutional Law and Justice, as well as Constitutional Courts and Constitutional Rights of the United States, at the University of Toronto, Canada.

His core competencies are international corporate and contract law, location analyses, site evaluation (GIS) and expansion consultancy.

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Giulia Griffin, PhD
Chief Operating Officer, Executive Vice President

Ms Giulia Griffin supervises and administers GGBD’s business activities world wide.
Her position is in charge of corporate strategy and responsible for profitable growth of the company, specifically in the Process Optimisation and Industrial Plants divisions.

Prior to joining the GGBD Group, Ms Griffin was Marketing Executive Europe at Fitness First Holdings Ltd and responsible for marketing across 12 countries. As Sales Director at TerraElast AG, she tripled the acquisition volume and in her role as Managing Director of Divinas Protection Incorporated, she executed the lucrative sale of the company.
In addition and inter alia, she was active as Interim Manager for Lufthansa, National Olympic Committee Canada, British Airways, Schering, Procter & Gamble, as well as Unilever.

She received a Bachelor of Economics and her MBA from the Gatton College of Business and Economics, Lexington, and was conferred a Doctorate in Economic Science by the University of British Columbia, Vancouver.

Her core competencies are in sales & marketing, process optimisation, corporate development and recapitalisation.
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Jack Coupland, PhD
Chief Finance Officer

Mr Jack Coupland supervises the Administration division and is responsible for global accounting, risk management, reporting procedures, as well as financial controlling at GGBD.

Prior to joining GGBD, Mr Coupland worked for many years as Asset Manager at UBS, as CFO at Zealous Solutions Holdings Inc. and inter alia, in finance management at Shenzen Stock Exchange, IBM, Standard Life, Homula, Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Honda Motors.
He has over 25 years experience in fiscal administration of private, as well as public companies, and also took up a lectureship in Global Financial Management at the Sophia University, Tokyo, only a few years ago.

Mr Coupland received his MBA from the Oxford Business College, Oxford, and was conferred a Doctorate in Economic Science by the London Metropolitan University in England.

His core competencies are financial controlling, risk management, recapitalisation, financings, and feasibility studies.

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Ellen Lund
Director Human Resources & Executive Search

Ms Ellen Lund is responsible for the acquisition, administration and further education of employees at GGBD, including our Interim Managers. In addition, within the context of our Interim Management assignments, she looks after our clients and administers the GGBD IM-Lounge.

Prior to joining GGBD, Ms Lund worked as Human Resources Director Nordic Countries at Merck Pharma AS in Sweden and was active for over ten years in the personnel department at Daimler Chrysler. In the course of process optimisations, she was active in an assistant capacity at General Motors, Glaxo Smith Kline and Fitness First, among others.

She received diplomas for Business Leader (SEA), as well as Management Skills for Supervisors (SEEC) from the Schulich School of Business, Toronto, and was certified as NLP practitioner by the INLPTA.

Her core competencies are headhunting, assessment centres, further education programs and employee development.

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